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dance point fitness centre

combining dance, fitness and childcare

This dance and fitness centre is located in Rotterdam in the urban plan Alexanderpolder by Bakema. There is a public garden alongside the building. The natural colours of the flowers were the inspiration for the colours of the building. The purple color of the building is a metaphor for the adjacent park and the logo color of the dance fitness centre.


The concept of the building is about hedonism, provoking, flirting, about the extras in life. People can see themselves or each other in mirrored walls and reflecting metal ceilings, through voids or glass parts. Most of the fitness and dance rooms have large windows towards the park and the bar. So the work out and dancing people can be the actors for the people in the public garden or at the bar. Otherwise the park becomes the panoramic view during the training.


Ballet dancing and fitness are combined in this building. People can meet each other in a central meeting area with a bar and reading table. The bar provides a view at a toddler playroom so parents can exercise while the toddler play under supervision of the bartender.