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Liong Lie Media Plaza 2.0

Stimulating creativity: Media Plaza 2.0 nominated for The Great Indoors Awards

06.10.11 -    Media Plaza 2.0, a new auditorium for the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, has been nominated for The Great Indoors Award 2011. To stimulate creativity, the first objective was to redesign the grey and outdated auditorium into a fresh and inspiring location for lectures and conferences. The second objective was to create a relationship with the design of Media Plaza, a previous project of Liong Lie Architects inside the Jaarbeurs.

Auditorium Media Plaza 2.0  Auditorium Media Plaza 2.0

On 29 and 30 September, the international jury of The Great Indoors Award 2011 met in Maastricht and appointed 20 nominees from 260 submissions, from 37 countries. The Jury selected 5 nominees in four categories: Show & Sell, Relax & Consume, Concentrate & Collaborate en Serve & Facilitate. Media Plaza 2.0 has been nomina-ted in the category Concentrate & Collaborate. The winners will be announced during the festive award ceremony of The Great Indoors Award 2011 on

4 November.

Jury report

Inside a dull-grey auditorium in Utrecht’s main exhibition centre, a spectrum of zestily coloured chairs glows against a white backdrop. Liong Lie’s LED lighting scheme takes full credit for the chromatic effect.


Project Media Plaza 2.0

Project Media Plaza

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