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Office Grand Catering

Grand Catering supports clients with catering concepts to realize a taste sensation. Eating and drinking in seductive environment ensures that the guest is challenged to give more of himself during an event.

Office Grand Catering measures over 600 m² divided over 2 floors. The building is right on the waterfront with a huge glass front over the full width of the facade. The ground floor has a reception and presentation room with kitchen for lunch, food tastings or Friday afternoon drinks. Large sliding doors with fruit prints can close off or add the reception area to the kitchen and portray the fresh and open identity of the company. The offices are located on the first floor of the building where meeting rooms are designed as glass boxes to encourage transparency and inspiration. 


Office Grand catering

Program                      Office and meeting rooms

                                       Kitchen and preparation room

Status                           Completed May 2009

Size                               630 m²

Location                       Utrecht, The Netherlands

Client                             Jaarbeurs Catering Services bv, Grand Catering bv

Architect                      Liong Lie

Design team                Roeland de Jong, Andrea Sollazzo, Jerzy Wozniak,

                                        Pawel Garus

Brand positioning       Het Veranderbedrijf, Barbara van Veen

Furniture                       Brandwacht & Meijer, Utrecht

Photography                Christiaan de Bruijne