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Form follows identity
Brand Places
Liong Lie architects Media Plaza 2.0
Media Plaza 2.0
Liong Lie architects NTI classrooms
Liong Lie architects Goudsouk exterior entrance evening lighting
Gold Souk
Liong Lie architects Stena office exterior
Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Moments interior
Liong Lie architects Taets interior oval conference room wooden roof
Taets Art and Event Park
Liong Lie architects Media Plaza entree
Media Plaza
Liong Lie architects vital office
Vital Offices
Liong Lie architects Supernova
Liong Lie architects Grand Catering kitchen sliding wall with fruit print
Grand Catering
Liong Lie architects HAKA building transformation exterior
HAKA building transformation
Liong Lie architects Mihrab exterior
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The big idea

Form follows identity


Our passion is to improve the quality of life by designing beautiful buildings and interiors which serve the needs of visitors, customers and staff at its best. 

We believe teamwork drives great architecture, so we guide collaboration from day one. 

Technology moves fast so we will make use of it and come up with unexpected solutions if this will create more value to the environment.

Our architecture is based upon your unique (business) objectives. Therefore we call our design method: form follows identity. 

Examples of this way of working:
- Colours of company logo as a design theme for wayfinding in an office interior
- Gold facetted facade for a jewelry shopping mall  
- Roof in the shape of a sail for a sail club