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Form follows identity
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Liong Lie architects Media Plaza Polar room etfe air cushion roof closed
Media Plaza
Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Moments interior
Liong Lie architects Taets interior oval conference room wooden roof
Taets Art and Event Park
Liong Lie architects Goudsouk exterior entrance
Gold Souk
Liong Lie architects NTI third floor callcenter
Liong Lie architects Grand Catering kitchen sliding wall with fruit print
Grand Catering
Liong Lie architects Supernova transitzone
Liong Lie architects Stena office exterior
Liong Lie architects Mihrab exterior
Liong Lie architects Media Plaza 2.0
Media Plaza 2.0
Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre washroom
Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre
Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre II
Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre II
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The big idea

Form follows identity



Enhancing Quality of Life through Architecture

At our core, we are driven by a passion to enhance the quality of life through the creation of beautiful buildings and interiors that cater to the needs of visitors, customers, and staff. We firmly believe that great architecture is a product of effective teamwork, which is why we prioritize collaboration from the very beginning of every project.

In our fast-paced world, technology continues to evolve rapidly. We embrace this reality and actively harness the power of technology to deliver innovative and unexpected solutions that add value to the environment. Our design philosophy, which we call "form follows identity," takes into account your unique business objectives as the foundation for our architectural approach.

To illustrate this concept, here are a few examples of how we have employed the "form follows identity" method in our projects:

- Wayfinding in an office interior: We incorporate the colors of your company logo as a design theme for wayfinding within the office space. This creates a visually cohesive and branded environment that promotes a sense of identity and unity among employees and visitors

- Jewelry shopping mall: In designing a shopping mall dedicated to jewelry, we crafted a gold faceted facade. This distinctive feature not only serves as an elegant and eye-catching aesthetic element but also conveys the luxurious and precious nature of the products within. It acts as a magnet, enticing potential customers and reinforcing the unique identity of the mall

- Sail club roof: For a sail club, we envisioned a roof in the shape of a sail, paying homage to the club's purpose and passion. This design choice not only captures the essence of the club's identity but also creates a striking visual landmark that becomes an iconic symbol within the surrounding area

In conclusion, our commitment to the "form follows identity" philosophy ensures that every design solution we create is tailored specifically to your unique objectives. By combining our innovative use of technology, collaborative approach, and emphasis on aesthetic beauty, we strive to not only meet but exceed your expectations, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for all who interact with our architectural creations.