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Building community through bamboo and innovative design

Buildings are created for people, and skyscrapers are inhabited by communities. But how do we truly grow a community? Our answer lies in using bamboo as both a building material and a conversation piece.

Prioritizing people and material

Instead of focusing solely on the construction process, we prioritize the people and materials first. We envision a building that fosters strong human interactions, unlike the Tower of Babel, where misunderstandings led to its downfall. To achieve this, we propose growing bamboo on the plot before construction begins. The rapid growth of these plants provides a sustainable and continuous supply of building material.

Engaging the community

But it doesn't stop there. We invite potential inhabitants to participate in cutting the bamboo, creating a sense of ownership and collaboration. This process strengthens the human connections within the community, ensuring a tight-knit atmosphere within the skyscraper.

Enhancing the communal experience

Furthermore, our design incorporates three layers of landscaping to enhance the communal experience. The public landscaping connects the existing garden with trees to the new bamboo garden, serving as a collective entrance area. The semi-public landscaping features a recreation deck equipped with sports and hospitality facilities for the hotel, office, and apartments. Lastly, the private landscaping includes a collective garden on the roof exclusively for the apartment residents.

Efficiency and innovation

To achieve efficiency and innovation, we employ advanced design and building techniques. Our efficient façade design minimizes surface area while maximizing functionality. We integrate structures and furniture using advanced 3D printing technology, offering freedom in shape and enhancing efficiency.

Bamboo-inspired design

The shape of the building is carefully designed to be the most efficient volume given the site, sun, and construction forces. Inspired by the organic appearance and stability of bamboo, the tower challenges the conventional rectilinear skyline of the city. Instead, it introduces an unexpected shape and a new material, bamboo, from bottom to top. The tower's tightly wrapped body showcases the strength and resilience of bamboo, while its unique shape represents a relaxed surface—a minimal surface—between the bottom and top floors, free of internal tensions.

Sustainability and thermal benefits

Not only is bamboo a sustainable solution to the increasing demand for wood, but it also offers thermal benefits for the building. By using bamboo in the façade, it acts as shade, improving the thermal performance of the skyscraper, especially in Singapore's tropical climate.

Cultivating a thriving community

In conclusion, our design approach prioritizes the growth of a community, starting with the people and materials. Through the use of bamboo, advanced techniques, and thoughtful landscaping, we aim to create an advanced skyscraper that not only provides a functional and sustainable living space but also fosters a strong sense of community. By involving potential inhabitants in the bamboo cultivation and construction process, we encourage collaboration and a sense of ownership. The three layers of landscaping further enhance the communal experience, providing various spaces for interaction and recreation.

Efficiency and sustainability

In addition to its sustainable properties, bamboo offers thermal benefits that improve the building's energy efficiency. The efficient façade design and integration of structures and furniture through 3D printing technology contribute to the overall efficiency of the skyscraper.

A vibrant and connected living environment

Inspired by the organic appearance and stability of bamboo, the tower challenges the conventional skyline by introducing a new shape and material. Its tightly wrapped body showcases the strength and resilience of bamboo, while the unique shape represents a relaxed surface free of internal tensions.

Beyond construction: building community

Ultimately, our design aims to go beyond mere construction and focus on cultivating a thriving community. By prioritizing people and materials, incorporating advanced techniques, and utilizing bamboo, we envision a skyscraper that not only meets the functional needs of its inhabitants but also creates a vibrant and connected living environment.


Location Singapore, Asia

Year 2015 

Status Competition

Program Mixed use

Team Liong Lie, Samaneh Rezvani

Collaborators EcoSCAPE - Robin Lock


Liong Lie architects Bamboo Skyscraper interior apartment