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Rotterdam attitude

Introducing the Codrico Complex on the Rijnhaven side of the Rotterdam peninsula in Katendrecht. Standing tall and proud, this massive grain processing plant holds the distinction of being one of the few remaining industrial complexes in the area. With the recent strengthening of the residential function around the harbour basins, the building had to adapt to meet new noise requirements. Thankfully, the municipality provided financial support to facilitate these necessary adjustments.

24/7 operations

To ensure uninterrupted functionality, the new engine room was ingeniously constructed on the roof of one of the lower concrete buildings. An essential condition was that work could continue around the clock, without the use of traditional building scaffolding. This unique challenge became the foundation for the construction process and the architectural design.

Hands-on approach

The implementation began with the delivery of steel trusses via ship, meticulously hoisted onto the roof. Next, girders and sandwich panels were carefully loaded onto the structure, all while the existing interior was stripped away. This unconventional approach resulted in a striking industrial roof construction that perfectly complements the complex's overall aesthetic.

Seamless integration

The new building seamlessly merges with the existing structure, which showcases a creative collage of functional building parts. Drawing inspiration from the works of the legendary Mies van der Rohe, the steel construction on the exterior serves as a nod to his iconic style. The color scheme has been thoughtfully adjusted to match the existing building, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious integration of the new addition.


Location Rijnhaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Client Codrico Rotterdam

Year 2006

Status Completed

Program Specials

Team Roeland de Jong, Liong Lie

Collaborators Hanneke van Velthuizen


Liong Lie architects Codrico exterior detail Liong Lie architects Codrico concept Liong Lie architects Codrico exterior detail