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 Renewing the art-trade cycle, a concious shopping experience in an inspiring environment, from creation to shopper.

The creation of an Art market is not only the creation of a shopping area, it’s a place where artist and public come together, where they meet, talk, exchange ideas. At the same time it’s a place where the artist can find inspiration, widen his horizon and increase creativity in a liveable working environment. It’s the creation of a small society, a representation of two worlds colliding.   

Get inspired… Travelling has always been a source of inspiration. It inspired us to create an art community that travels over water to interact with countries and cities it visits during its adventure. The cultural exchange is a continuous flow that will connect different people from different places.

The floating Art market is a comfortable and sustainable space that can aggregate and disaggregate in consequence of the different situations. The travelling configuration has to meet transportation and technical requirement, but at the same time guarantee the possibility for the artist to work and create. The open configuration instead has to be flexible to adapt to different cities, harbours and piers and provide enough display space as in a shop.