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New identity for HAKA building: Transforming a monument into a thriving exhibition and event centre

Located in the transitioning harbour area on the west side of Rotterdam, the HAKA building, a 1930s former trading company, has been given a new lease on life. As the surrounding industrial area transforms into a vibrant living and working environment, our mission was to preserve the building as a monument while adding value to the neighborhood.

Preserving the monument

The complex building structure and strict monumental requirements made redeveloping the HAKA building into a commercially successful enterprise a challenge. However, we were determined to keep the building structurally untouched as a testament to its historical significance.

A new function with added value

After careful consideration, we identified exhibition and event spaces as the perfect fit for the HAKA building. These spaces required minimal spatial and technical adjustments, allowing for reversible transformations. By repurposing the building as an exhibition and event centre, we not only preserved its historical integrity but also added value to the neighborhood.

A picture frame for the monument

Embracing the ongoing developments in the area, we designed a mixed-use building around the HAKA monument. This picture frame concept encompassed spaces for living, working, restaurants, and even a hotel. These additional amenities not only enhanced the appeal of the HAKA building but also created opportunities for a new and vibrant community to flourish.

By combining respect for the past with a vision for the future, the HAKA building has been transformed into more than just a monument. It now stands as a beacon of creativity, community, and growth in the evolving landscape of Rotterdam's west side.


Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Client Medina CB bv

Year 2017

Status Study

Program Mixed use


HAKA building Rotterdam