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New identity for HAKA building

The harbour area on the west side of Rotterdam is in transition from an abandoned industrial area into a living working environment. Former office buildings are transformed into apartments. An existing dyke now serves as a backbone for a lengthy shopping centre. It includes a roof park on top.

1930s Monument

The HAKA building, a 1930s former trading company is located in this neighbourhood. The abandoned monument is very difficult to redevelop into a commercially successful enterprise because of the complex building structure and strict monumental requirements. 

Added value

Our mission was to keep the building structurally untouched as a monument. We researched spaces with minimum spatial and technical requirements or spaces where transformations are reversible. We concluded that exhibition- and event space are a good fit. In this way we could preserve the building as a monument and the new function as an exhibition- event centre adds value to the neighbourhood.
In line with the developments we programmed a mixed use building as a picture frame around the monument. Spaces for living, working, restaurants and a hotel could enhance the effect of the start a new community.


Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Client Medina CB bv

Year 2017

Status Study

Program Mixed use





HAKA building Rotterdam