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Exposure for hidden gem

Hidden in Hyde Park is a green house site with nursery greenhouses. Royal Parks grows plants there for more than 25 years. Surrounded by trees and bushes it is hardly visible from the park. 

Added value

We believe that this site can offer more value to the neighbourhood by exposure of the current activities to the public and adding new functions. 

21st Century Indoor Garden Education Experience

We came up with a concept that is to create a 21st Century Indoor Garden Education Experience accessible for all ages. People can enjoy the stories and atmosphere of plants which can not survive a British winter.

The attraction is indoors and of a quiet nature and will have little influence on the tranquility of the rest of the park. As for the openness of the park, the nursery greenhouses and its surroundings will not significantly change except for the centre unit of the nursery which needs urgent attention due to its state. 

Multifunctional space 

At the centre we proposed a 1000 m2 multifunctional indoor space for social events. This multifunctional space will operate like a theatre space and has the potential to be used as a local cultural cinema space on one evening, to a rollerblading disco on another; a restaurant for 200 business people again on another while days later it may be used for a classic music hall, all set in an exotic (sub) tropical plant orientated setting. These activities will be scheduled together with the Royal Parks so they complement the Parks itinerary.

Our ambition is getting the new centre to encourage more walking in nature and learning about plants, their origin and their use.

It is expected to create 40 Fte jobs and attract around 360,000 visitors.


Location London, UK

Client The Royal Parks 

Year 2012

Status Competition

Program Mixed use



Collaborators EcoSCAPE - Robin Lock


Liong Lie architects Hyde Park diagram strategy and proposal