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Discover the hidden gem in Hyde Park

An enchanting greenhouse experience

Nestled inconspicuously amidst the lush foliage of Hyde Park lies a hidden treasure - a green oasis boasting nursery greenhouses maintained by Royal Parks for over 25 years. Though camouflaged by surrounding trees and bushes, this enchanting spot holds enormous potential to enrich the neighborhood by unveiling its current activities to the public and introducing new offerings.

Introducing the 21st century indoor garden education experience

Our vision is to create a captivating 21st-century indoor garden education experience that is accessible to all ages. Step into a world filled with the stories and ambiance of plants that cannot withstand the harsh British winter. This captivating attraction offers a peaceful haven, designed to seamlessly blend with the tranquility of the park. Rest assured, the nursery greenhouses and their surroundings will undergo minimal changes, ensuring the openness of the park remains intact, with the exception of the central unit, which requires immediate attention due to its deteriorating condition.

A multifunctional space for all occasions

The centerpiece of our proposal is a sprawling 1000 m² multifunctional indoor space, perfectly suited for social events. Imagine the space transforming into a splendid theater, a local cultural cinema, or a lively rollerblading disco on different evenings. It could also serve as an elegant restaurant accommodating up to 200 businesspeople, or a majestic music hall, all set amidst a captivating (sub)tropical plant-oriented setting. These activities will be thoughtfully coordinated with the Royal Parks to complement the park's existing itinerary, ensuring a harmonious experience for all visitors.

Igniting a passion for nature and plant exploration

Our ultimate ambition is for this new center to inspire a deeper connection with nature, encouraging visitors to embark on leisurely walks, while simultaneously gaining knowledge about plants, their origins, and their diverse uses. This remarkable initiative is projected to generate 40 full-time employment opportunities and attract an estimated 360,000 visitors.


Location London, UK

Client The Royal Parks 

Year 2012

Status Competition

Program Mixed use

Collaborators EcoSCAPE - Robin Lock


Liong Lie architects Hyde Park diagram strategy and proposal