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Centrall Hall Beatrix building Jaarbeurs Utrecht

650 m2

Restyling the existing central hall of Jaarbeurs congress center (Beatrix building)


We improved the wayfinding by:

  • making the existing reception desk more visible, seen from various entrances and escalators

  • marking the access to the connection with Hoog Catharijne shopping centre and the train station (traverse) so it will get noticed

  • emphasizing the access to the offices



Program                      Congress centre Media Plaza (27 rooms, 4 foyers)

                                     Central hall, reception, passageway and toilets

Status                          Completed 2006

Size                              6200 m²

Location                      Utrecht (Jaarbeurs Beatrix building), The Netherlands

Client                           Jaarbeurs Utrecht bv

Architect                      Liong Lie

Design team                Roeland de Jong, Sophie Pfeiffer, Jasper Polak,

                                      Marchien Rijneveld, Simone van Eysden, Chi Hong,

                                      Eileen Lee, Floor Theuns

Brand positioning       Het Veranderbedrijf, Barbara van Veen

Photography                Christiaan de Bruijne


Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre II Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre II