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Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs Utrecht conference and meeting center

27 rooms, 4 foyers, 5500 m²

The restyling of existing toilets

At Jaarbeurs Utrecht architectural ingenuity meets functionality in a premier conference and meeting center spanning an expansive 5500 m². As the architects behind this remarkable project, we take pride in our continuous pursuit of excellence, which has led us to a transformative restyling of the facility's restrooms, elevating hygiene to an art form.

In our design, we sought to make a bold statement about cleanliness. The introduction of large illuminated glass surfaces within the washroom areas and toilet corridors was a deliberate choice, reflecting the commitment to hygiene. These glass surfaces showcase captivating imagery, compellingly conveying the importance of cleanliness. To complement this, we opted for a striking dark anthracite color palette for the flooring, walls, and ceiling, creating a modern and sophisticated ambiance. Sleek stainless steel sinks further contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal, seamlessly blending functionality with elegance.

The role of reflection in our designs is important. Throughout the restyled restrooms, we strategically incorporated reflective elements to heighten the visual impact and infuse the atmosphere with a sense of cleanliness and freshness. 

We understand the importance of offering the guests a memorable and visually pleasing experience at Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Our revamped restrooms transcend their practical purpose; they are a testament to our commitment to aesthetics and functionality, ensuring that every visitor leaves with a lasting impression.


Program Congress centre Beatrixgebouw Jaarbeurs Utrecht (27 rooms, 4 foyers) - Central hall, reception, passageway and toilets

Status Completed 2006

Size 6200 m²

Location Utrecht (Jaarbeurs Beatrix building), The Netherlands

Client Jaarbeurs Utrecht bv

Architect Liong Lie

Design team Roeland de Jong, Sophie Pfeiffer, Jasper Polak, Marchien Rijneveld, Simone van Eysden, Chi Hong, Eileen Lee, Floor Theuns

Brand positioning Het Veranderbedrijf, Barbara van Veen

Photography Christiaan de Bruijne


Liong Lie architects Jaarbeurs Beatrix Conference Centre washroom