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Eastern opulence

De Bazaar is the biggest indoor market of Europe. It was built 35 years ago and 2 million people visit De Bazaar every year. The market size is 75000 m² and consists of 700 shops, 300 market stalls and vendors with 50 different nationalities. De Bazaar has a variety of market areas, ranging from the Eastern market to the Black market.

Mihrab is a shopping area inspired by the kaleidoscopic folklore of the East, where you can buy exotic food as well as non-food products from countries like Iran, India and Afghanistan.

To enhance this rich exotic experience the Mihrab is designed with a modern exotic twist: there's a 1600 m² gold coloured ceiling, many arches, colourful pathways with lively patterns and a fountain with gold coloured tiles that sparkles in the centre of the Mihrab market - a central resting point for the weary shopper.


Location Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Client De Bazaar, Beverwijk

Year 2014

Status Completed

Program Retail - Shopping location in Hal 30 of De Bazaar with 43 food- and non-food shops


Team Liong Lie, Roeland de Jong, Martijn Huits, Michael Schuurman

Collaborators Leaders against routine - Barbara van Veen

Photography Hannah Anthonysz