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Journey of Eastern Opulence: De Bazaar's Mihrab

Crafting an Eastern oasis: De Bazaar's Mihrab in Europe's grand indoor market

For us, crafting De Bazaar's Mihrab was about creating an immersive Eastern oasis within Europe's largest indoor market. We envisioned a space that would continue to draw an impressive 2 million visitors annually. Our canvas was an expansive 75,000 m² complex, home to an astonishing 700 shops, 300 market stalls, and a vibrant tapestry of 50 nationalities.

The Mihrab is where you are invited to immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic folklore of the East. Every corner exudes the essence of the Middle East, and more, offering exotic food and non-food treasures.

Modern exoticism: The artful design and serenity of Mihrab's core

To bring modern exoticism to life, we adorned the Mihrab with captivating design elements. A grand gold-colored ceiling, stretching over 1,600 m², complements the opulence. Colorful arches guide you along pathways adorned with intricate patterns, evoking a sense of wonder. At the heart of the Mihrab, a magnificent fountain with glistening gold-colored tiles beckons weary shoppers, providing a tranquil respite.

Our vision was to captivate you with the beguiling ambiance and rich offerings of the Mihrab at De Bazaar—an unparalleled destination for an Eastern shopping experience like no other.


Location Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Client De Bazaar, Beverwijk

Year 2014

Status Completed

Program Retail - Shopping location in Hal 30 of De Bazaar with 43 food- and non-food shops

Team Liong Lie, Roeland de Jong, Martijn Huits, Michael Schuurman

Collaborators Leaders against routine - Barbara van Veen

Photography Hannah Anthonysz 


Mihrab passageway Mihrab interior with fountain Mihrab exterior with Goudsouk in background