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The more visitors per hour, the more turnover for this shop at Jaarbeurs Utrecht - with this in mind we designed this shop interior: shoppers should do their shopping quickly.

In the design you will find:

  • a clear routing and signage so shoppers find their way quickly from products to cashier
  • a use of colour for the interior which might stimulate you to speed up your shopping


This strategy clearly led to more turnover for this shop.


Program                      Retail, 6 shops 'to go'

Status                          Completed November 2010

Location                      Utrecht (Jaarbeurs complex), The Netherlands

Client                           Jaarbeurs Catering Services bv

Architect                      Liong Lie

Design team                Roeland de Jong, Andrea Sollazzo, Laura Plado

Builder                         Dokter Interieurbouw, Leertouwer, Barneveld

Photography               Jaarbeurs Utrecht