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Strategic design boosts turnover at Jaarbeurs Utrecht shop

Efficient flow of shoppers

The success of this shop at Jaarbeurs Utrecht relies on the number of visitors it attracts per hour. Keeping this in mind, we have meticulously crafted the shop interior to ensure that shoppers can complete their purchases swiftly and efficiently. Our design is centered around two key elements: a well-defined routing system and prominent signage that effortlessly guide shoppers from product displays to the cashier.

Vibrant colors for increased energy

To further enhance the shopping experience, we have strategically incorporated color throughout the interior. These vibrant hues aim to stimulate and energize shoppers, encouraging them to pick up the pace and accomplish their shopping goals in record time.

Tangible business growth

The implementation of this strategic approach has undeniably resulted in a substantial increase in turnover for this shop.

Optimized shopping environment

In summary, our thoughtfully designed shop interior maximizes both the speed and ease of shopping for visitors. By providing clear guidance and employing stimulating colors, we have successfully created an environment that not only motivates shoppers to move quickly but also leads to greater business success for the shop.


Program Retail, 6 shops 'to go'

Status Completed November 2010

Location Utrecht (Jaarbeurs complex), The Netherlands

Client Jaarbeurs Catering Services bv

Architect Liong Lie

Design team Roeland de Jong, Andrea Sollazzo, Laura Plado

Builder Dokter Interieurbouw, Leertouwer, Barneveld

Photography Jaarbeurs Utrecht