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Stena Transformation

Stena Realty BV, a real estate investment company, approached us with a question: "How can we repurpose and optimize an existing office building?"

Initial Challenge

Currently, the office building is situated on Eisenhowerlaan, in the heart of the "International Zone" in the Statenkwartier of The Hague. The avenue is known for its "office villas," which are modern prestigious offices designed to resemble classical villas. However, the building itself has a dated appearance with varying facade heights and a combination of brickwork and concrete kerbs. It is in need of a refresh.

The Building's Current State

The building comprises a parking basement and five office floors. The entrance is located at the building's corner, which is designed to be eye-catching and spans four floors with a white facade featuring a rounded corner and vertical lines. Inside, the floorplan consists of an entrance at the corner and an elevator and staircase at the heart of the building.

Exploring Possibilities: Two Options for Long-Term Value

Stena asked us to explore two options to determine which would provide the best long-term value: transforming the outdated office into a 21st-century office space or converting it into a residential building with luxury apartments.

Option 1: Transforming into the Office of the 21st Century

If transformed into the Office of the 21st Century, the building will be modernized and made compatible with Smart Working practices. The entrance will receive a more inviting appearance to foster identification with multiple companies working in the building. The existing building structure and facade will be utilized, but restyled to achieve a more contemporary look. The closed part of the entrance will be replaced with glass to enhance its appeal. Additionally, the upper areas above the entrance will incorporate more glass for a luxurious feel. The existing facade openings will be modified to increase transparency by introducing a new configuration of windows.The floorplans will be designed as flexible spaces that can be freely arranged into various workspaces. The building will also include focus rooms, lounges, meeting points, conference rooms, and locker rooms. To promote a healthier office climate, natural ventilation will replace the previous mechanical ventilation system.

Option 2: Converting into Luxury Apartments in Line with Municipal Policy

Alternatively, the building can be transformed into luxury apartments using the expertise we have gained through our modern villa label, 123DV. This conversion aligns with the municipality's urban office policy, which aims to reduce the oversupply of office spaces in The Hague. To save costs, we will preserve the existing structure and redesign the facade to create loft-like apartments that offer a spacious and expansive living experience.

Redesigning the Facade: Creating Exquisite Loft-Style Apartments

The facade has been meticulously redesigned to create exquisite loft-style apartments, offering spacious living areas that provide a truly immersive spatial experience. The use of glass further enhances the connection between the interior and exterior, seamlessly blending the two worlds. This concept is also evident in our acclaimed modern villa projects, such as the renowned Villa Veth, which has captivated global attention by perfectly meeting the demands of contemporary living. Drawing from these successful endeavors, we have skillfully crafted the office building to offer an unparalleled level of comfort, ensuring that its inhabitants feel completely at ease and utterly at home.


Location The Hague, The Netherlands

Client Stena Realty

Year 2014

Status Study