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The Jaarbeurs Catering has opened the doors of The Foodgate. The Foodgate, also called the gateway to world cuisine, is situated in the Jaarbeurs Fair complex in Utrecht, The Netherlands, offers 400 seats and the ability to serve 4000 people per day.


Fair visitors can choose from four dishes of world cuisines, namely Italian, American, Oriental and French. The name, appearance and layout of The Foodgate gives the food corners - Oriental, Con Gusto, Le Parisien and The American - a private face. In addition, visitors can enjoy salads at the Salads corner and fruit and fresh juices at Fruits & Juices. With The Foodgate Jaarbeurs Catering wants to offer the visitors of the Fair a variety of food and drinks. In collaboration with Roeland de Jong, the project architect of Liong Lie Architects and Niels Swart from Arjan van Dijk Décor, the design, decoration, use of color and materials, even the clothing and disposables are tuned to the various 'worlds'. Everything fits the specific kitchen where the guests get their food or drink. At Oriental they use herbs and spices of the Far East. You can get stir-fried dishes, satay and there is a tea bar. Con Gusto is the Italian cuisine. Visitors can come here for pasta, panini, pizza and course, cappuccino and espresso. At Le Parisien in the can enjoy artisanal bread, fresh pastries, cheeses and French wines. At The American it's all about big and beautiful. The typical American food like hamburgers, steak and chicken wings are prepared here.


With the design of The Foodgate the large amount of visitors during the fairs has been taken to account. The restaurant is spatially organized, the four ‘worlds’ are each located in a corner and has its own kitchen, assortment and style. At the corners, visitors can take what they feel like and after payment walk to the spacious dining hall. With long tables for large groups or cozy at the high tree tables with a small group. The natural light that falls through the large windows and décor of trees, tables and chairs made of natural materials gives the visitors a quiet space outside the hectic trading floor to eat and drink. The Foodgate measures over 900 m2. Liong Lie Architects is responsible for the design and decor department and organizer of events Arjan van Dijk is responsible for building and furnishing it. Led by Paul Spaan, Business Development Manager, and John Aalbers, Operations Director, The Foodgate was rebuilt and decorated with a large team within 6 weeks.

Program                      Foodcourt and restaurant (400 seats)

Status                           Completed January 2011

Size                               900 m²

Location                       Utrecht (Jaarbeurs complex), The Netherlands

Client                             Jaarbeurs Catering Services bv

Architect                      Liong Lie

Design team                Roeland de Jong, Andrea Sollazzo

Photography                Jaarbeurs Utrecht


Liong Lie architects The Foodgate interior Liong Lie architects The Foodgate interior Liong Lie architects The Foodgate interior