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In seeking to find the best concept for the Tokyo Fashion Museum we collaborated with fashion designer Jeroen van Tuyl and were excited about the idea of incorporating elements of his designs into our concept.

Inspired by Andy Warhol we blew up a Jeroen van Tuyl sleeve and were surprised by the programmatic possibilities. The form narrows at street level, so we could create a more public space.  Its design allows the use for entrance, meeting point, catwalk, or red carpet events. At "elbow" level the facade allows unexpected views to the street. In order to provide the maximum experience in this vertical museum we designed the escalators as a part of the exhibition space. Like Centre Pompidou it is visible from the street it will enliven the skyline.

The escalators also link two types of exhibition space:

1 - the typical required nine exhibitions spaces.  ranging from 150-300m2

2 - special cubical spaces. The facades and interiors can be transformed according to the wishes of curators, designers or companies. It will have an effect on the building as a landmark.

There are three types of catwalks:

- a sky catwalk at top level. Shows or exhibitions in a Japanese garden / bar café or sky setting can be watched.

- an urban catwalk alongside the facade. Display or stage a performance which would be visible from surrounding buildings in Tokyo city.

- a floating catwalk above street level. This catwalk can also be transformed into a billboard, conference, show, or party room. These activities can be experienced from Omotesando street and will enliven the area.


Program                      Museum, exhibition space, restaurant and catwalk

Status                           Competition February 2010

Size                               2000 m²

Location                       Omotesando street, downtown Tokyo, Japan

Client                             Arquitectum Competitions & Events

Architect                      Liong Lie

Design team                Andrea Sollazzo, Zygis Papartis, Berry van Empel

Collaboration               Jeroen van Tuyl, fashion designer


Liong Lie architects Tokyo Fashion Museum concept Liong Lie architects Tokyo Fashion Museum cross section Liong Lie architects Tokyo Fashion Museum floorplan Liong Lie architects Tokyo Fashion Museum floorplan