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Sustainable Future: Vital Offices' eco-friendly approach to enhancing office spaces

Vital Offices: pioneering eco-friendly office renovations

Vital Offices is an innovative and strategic collaboration that brings together a team of experts in sustainable engineering and human behavior. With a joint mission, we focus on renovating existing office spaces to make them more efficient and eco-friendly.

Smart buildings: balancing energy efficiency with staff well-being

Our primary goal is to engineer smart buildings that minimize energy consumption, striving for a remarkable energy usage of only 50 kWh / m². Additionally, we prioritize the design and creation of healthy working environments that positively impact the well-being and productivity of office staff.

Architects at the forefront: shaping a sustainable future in office design

By merging research and practical application, we are able to demonstrate how architects can play a crucial role in contributing to a more sustainable future. Our dedication to sustainable design practices ensures that our projects not only benefit the environment but also enhance the overall quality of office spaces.

This approach is bringing research into practice how we as architects can contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Liong Lie
Florijn Vriend
Robert Sengers
Robert du Bourgraaf
John van der Spek