Why tear down a building and replace it by a new one? Transforming an existing building can be interesting from a commercial, sustainable, strategic and architectural point of view. We love to get inspired by researching and finding the opportunities an existing building can offer and transform it, so it will serve contemporary needs.

Liong Lie architects Taets interior oval conference room wooden roof (Taets Art and Event Park)
Liong Lie architects Media Plaza foyer (Media Plaza)
Liong Lie architects Supernova Mission hall (Supernova)
Liong Lie architects Stena office exterior swimming pool entrance (Stena)
Liong Lie architects HAKA building transformation exterior (HAKA building transformation)
Liong Lie architects Vital Offices - from energy user to energy creator (Vital Offices)
Liong Lie architects Hyde Park exterior with visitors (Hyde Park)