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Liong Lie’s global outlook was nurtured from an early age. Born in the Netherlands to Indonesian parents, he travelled extensively during his childhood with exposure to a diverse range of influences. He quickly learned the art of adaptation and flexible thinking. Today, the same broad, international perspective shapes the Liong Lie brand.

Our team transcends cultural barriers, bringing an informed point of view to a variety of global projects. Because we’re from many different parts of the world, we ask different kinds of questions and find more interesting answers. It also means we never offer formulaic responses to a brief and we’re not confined by convention.

Liong Lie

Liong Lie

Passion. I think I didn't choose the architecture profession. The profession chose me. In my youth I was always creating: making drawings, building furniture, improvising music with my friends. When I had to choose I remember visiting the model making room at a Dutch university (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven). "This is it!" I thought and before I knew it, I was studying architecture, travelling the world to visit buildings.

Commitment. My parents taught me to treat other people the way I want to be treated. That means collaboration out of respect, going for the best idea instead of taking the idea of "the boss" for granted, having fun while working hard and getting results. That is how I am in private, with my family and how we organize our office.

Surprise. During a two year trip around the world for the work of my father, at age nine I travelled with my family through the Middle East, Asia, and Australia. I discovered that there is not one ultimate answer to how you should live. With this attitude I also approach life and projects. Asking why and trying to look beyond the obvious. That is what makes it all worth for me.

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Cindy van Ling

Cindy van Ling

Design critic - Ideas generator - Talent spotter - Free thinker - Researcher - Highly sensitive perceptor 

Apart from architecture and design, I'm also passionate about people.
I'm a natural watch dog for authenticity: safeguarding it in our designs, but also recognizing it in people. I have a background in art, graphic design and webdesign but I am married to architecture.

Unrestrained by having to deal with the laws of gravity as an architect, I judge architecture by its sole ability to embrace the dreams and diversity of human beings and therefore improving people's quality of life.
I am the quiet force behind 123DV / Liong Lie Architects. I have a strong visual design instinct and a hawk eye for detail that pushes our work further. 

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Silke Rörig

Silke Rörig

I grew up in Germany and studied there, in a pleasant region characterized by viticulture. My choice for architecture was made before I even knew it, because my parents had a sculpture and stonemasonry and there was always something being built or refurbished at the Rörig residence.

The first 13 years of my career as an architect I have worked in an office where I have learned to appreciate that architecture forms/models/ a city and that the quality of the execution/detailing is a key factor in the experience of public space. Since 2014 I am now working for and with Liong Lie and realize a dream of mine Which I had when I was a student: designing houses. In my spare time I’m a mother of two small children with a big passion for cooking and baking.

My slogan is: Building is what you do together. Which dream can I realize together with you?

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Elisabetta Hoxhaj

Being an architect is the right choice for me. A choice that led me to leave my country and pursue a new life in one of the most modern cities in Europe from an architectural point of view: Rotterdam.  
Thinking back, I realize that I became an architect by accident. Unlike many, I didn't feel a particular passion, but during my study at university it started to grow quickly. Over the years, I realized that I had always been interested in architecture in the past: I have built models, drew building perspectives and saw my own house being built step by step, even if I only vaguely remember it today.  

I chose to be part of the Liong Lie architects team because it is the studio that most represents architecture for me: modern and luxurious projects, born from a minimalist form, big gestures and strong concepts. Architecture that satisfies our customers every day, by improving their quality of life and the quality of their surroundings. For us, every new project is a new challenge that allows us to grow professionally. On a more personal level, discovering the smile of our clients for having built the villa of their dreams, is the greatest satisfaction of all.  

For me the steps to follow in a new project are these three: design a modern villa with passion, exceed the clients expectations and first of all have fun!

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Paulina Szulc

At the age of 15, I decided that the profession that allows me to combine my passions and the creative and technical skills developed in my early childhood, is architecture. 
I have always had a passion for the visual arts, crafts and making things, but also a technical mind. My journey with architecture began on the beach by the Baltic Sea in Poland, where I would build sandcastles. Every year I would try to outdo myself, making them more and more complex, both recreating the places that I had visited with my parents and letting my imagination fly. 

My international experience - living in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands - gives me a unique perspective on architecture. I see it as mix of logic, art, and ambition. Logic stands for clear and thoughtful designs, which always have the answer to the question “why?”. Art is the beauty in architecture and the expression of the form and the materials that give pleasure when using them and being surrounded by them. Ambition is the drive to create something unique and precious, that serves a purpose, brings beauty to its surroundings, and improves the quality of life for its users.

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Andrea Kmet

I am part of the Liong Lie architects team since 2016, and have been part of private and public projects, with a particular focus on interior design. I am involved from start to finish, from the sketch design, passing through definite design, to the technical design and detailing.

I am passionate about the visual arts in general and strongly interested in discovering and researching what is beyond form. I try to escape from routines and predictable situations in order to face new challenges and think of new solutions.

How we work at Liong Lie architects is how I like to work:

- to approach every design task by studying it from different perspectives, sometimes by different disciplines and combined with a strong spatial design attitude

- the storytelling is the driving force behind the conception of every project 

- to constantly strive for optimal coherence within each design 

- functionality, physical experience and comfort are the prime components of each design

123DV Modern Villas

Our sister company, 123DV Modern Villas, is a market-leading architectural practice specialising in residential design. It finds unexpected solutions that capture the personality of its clients, bringing a human touch to the basic principles of modern architecture. Liong Lie architects now applies the same creative philosophy to the commercial world.

Building on the experience and expertise of 123DV, Liong Lie architects transforms commercial and public spaces into exclusive brand places that evoke an emotional response and add tangible business value.

Our experience with 123DV has given us hugely valuable insights into how people interact with the spaces they inhabit, every day. 

Interested in villa projects?  Visit the 123DV website


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