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2nd prize for shopping centre A view 4 you

The winning entries of the design competition "A View 4 you" have officially been announced. All entries were judged by an expert jury, who awarded Delft design students Matthew La Roi and Xing Wang first prize with a majority vote. The submission of Liong Lie Architects received second prize. The third prize went to SD Architect.

A view 4 you is a design competition that covers an entirely new concept for so called 'brand centers', sponsored by Bohemen B.V.. The task was to translate this concept into an idea, conceptual plan or design for a location along the motorway at Leiderdorp, The Netherlands.


How can the volatility of advertising be incorporated in an iconic shape building without compromising the attention value of the design? Advertisement is used like confetti: it interacts with the main iconic shape which is dynamic towards the motorway and transparent and inviting towards the square on the inner area of Bospoort.

The dynamics of the motorway is translated into a sleek and streamlined design. The smooth abstraction of the shape  is combined with the roughness of the recycled wood cladding. Fragments of the interior break through the façade, exposing the interior function of the building. On the other side of the building, towards the square, a transparent wall shows the  individual (advertising) expression of the different brands that contributes to the enrichment of the facade.

The two spaces between the pavilions are used as entrances and can be recognized by the red color. The promenade connecting the brand centers is like a red transparent artery, making the liveliness of visitors inside the building visible to the motorway.

Next to the different brand centers, the building contains a cinema, sky lobby, sky terrace and parking. The cinema seats 2000 persons, spread over 8 rooms, ranging in capacity from 105 to 390 people. The sky lobby and sky terrace on the second floor can be directly accessed with escalators from the entrance and from the cinema. They overlook the dynamics of the motorway.

Towards the motorway billboards of the brand centers are clustered. This allows the various advertisements to create attention, but also an intense image, like confetti. The full north façade can be used as media façade and the facade towards the square provides each brand center with space to advertise. The framing of each advertisement ensures the consistency of the overall picture. 


Liong Lie architects A view 4 You overview Liong Lie architects A view 4 You concept Liong Lie architects A view 4 You floors and sections Liong Lie architects A view 4 You floorplans