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Family yacht club experience

The concept was to create a complete family yacht club experience unique for the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club. The design will be tailor made, expressing the sportive atmosphere of water sports activities in combination with luxurious relaxation and the pleasance of the Tanzania scenery.

Master Plan

The design of the Beach Banda will include a bar, restaurant, lounge, kitchen, ablution block and a sea swimming pool. The measured design and appropriate capacity for different activities will improve the total organization of the Yacht Club. This will enhance the pleasure of visiting the Yacht Club.

Cost Conscious Design

Local materials, building techniques and crafts will keep the costs down. In combination with a modern design, the Beach Banda will become a new Land Mark in Dar es Salaam.


Planning of the work should be done with care as the construction work should not interfere with a pleasant visit of the club members. Different scenarios should be analyzed, such as night shifts to speed up the work, construction work during the main vacation season, or breaking up the job into smaller parts.

To keep the construction time  as short as possible, accurate description of the building activities and on-site following up of are important.


Location Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa



Status Study

Program Leisure





Liong Lie architects Dar es Salaam Yacht Club concept sketch Liong Lie architects Dar es Salaam Yacht Club exterior beach visitors Liong Lie architects Dar es Salaam Yacht Club concept sketch floorplans