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Part of the biggest indoor market of Europe

Gold souk is a shopping centre for jewellery shops and gold traders. What does a shopping centre look like, what are the design themes? We researched shopping centres around the world.

Exterior design themes

We found malls with facades based on esthetic compositions, facades that act as billboards for brand names and facades inspired by classical structures. For example, the biggest mall in the world, (892.000 m2) the New South China Mall in Dongguan, China, has replicas of Egyptian sphinxes, the Arc de Triomphe, fountains and Venetian canals. We concluded that facades of most of the shopping centres do not relate to the type of shops that are inside in any way.

Form follows identity

The Gold souk is located amongst 30 other shopping centres in the Bazaar Beverwijk. The  products being sold range from exotic food to clothing, electronics and toys. To attract visitors that are interested in buying jewellery and gold, we designed a shiny gold faceted facade with a ‘Wow!’ factor. We also wanted to radiate a sense of happiness and luxury to get people inside and ease them into a relaxing buying mood.

Interior way finding

In many shopping centres all the indoor streets look the same. You need a map to find your way. We believe that if less energy is spent on finding your way, more energy can be spent on discovering which items to buy. For good wayfinding in the Gold souk we designed a square with all the shops surrounding it. Upon entering the Gold souk, all shops are within eyesight. The dark hues of the interior let the jewellery shine and the lighting is sparkling but dimmed, so the visitors can relax and slowly discover all the shiny treasures inside the Gold souk.


Location Beverwijk, The Netherlands

Client De Bazaar, Beverwijk

Year 2014

Status Completed

Program Retail

Collaborators Leaders against routine - Barbara van Veen

Photography Hannah Anthonysz 


Liong Lie architects Gold Souk detail golden facade and paving Liong Lie architects Gold Souk exterior entrance Liong Lie architects Gold Souk detail golden facade Liong Lie architects Gold Souk exterior paving