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Flexible learning starts here

Liong Lie Architects has designed the new interior of the NTI head office in Leiden, Holland. NTI stands for more than 70 years of cutting-edge distance education. The new learning according to NTI is the ideal combination of online learning and classroom meetings. The assignment was to link flexible working and learning to a strong brand experience of NTI ('Flexible learning starts here') and achieving maximum effect with limited means: ready-made elements are used in such a way that they look special and create a maximum effect.

Form follows identity

The colourful corporate identity of NTI shines bright with enthusiasm and exactly that enthusiasm is incorporated in the design of the interior. The corporate colours are also used as a means of orientation and colourful prints of open landscapes enhance the atmosphere. 

Varied learning spaces are designed: work lounges, 1 persons focus rooms and also informal learning while sitting at the bar. The callcenter seems an enclosed space with matching acoustics when you are seated, but as you stand up you enter a wide open space where you can have contact with your colleagues. There's an open and welcoming atmosphere because of the use of open floor plans and bright colours.


Location Leiden, The Netherlands

Client NTI

Year 2013

Status Completed

Program Working

Team Liong Lie, Roeland de Jong, Michael Schuurman, Rajiv Sewtahal

Collaborators Goed4U, Leidschendam

Fotografie Hannah Anthonysz 


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