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Inspiring interaction between performers and audience

Nowy Theatre is a cultural centre that supports artistic and social actions aimed at seeking new ways of communication, involved in the daily life of local community. It is located in a former hall for repairing urban sanitation vehicles.

Ambition on a cultural and social level

The ambition of the Nowy Theatre is to expand and become a cultural agora, a venue of social interaction, a public space favouring the exchange of experiences, but also a place to relax on the way through the city.

New on top of the old

Our proposal aimes two volumes with an open space in between. One volume is the former hall for indoor artistic presentations and social events. The second volume is a new structure on top of the hall for more intimate plays and events. 

The space in between the two volumes is the roof of the former hall, which is used for outdoor artistic presentations and social events. It also includes a bar and a restaurant where people can meet. 

More than just a theatre

The complex is designed as a collection of different indoor and outdoor spaces. The aim is to inspire performers and audience to experiment with their performances and interactions. The functions on the roof can serve as a breakout for the theatre as well as a meeting place for residents and tourists. This way Nowy Theatre is more than a theatre only: it is also a meeting place for residents and tourists to stimulate all different kinds of artistic and social interactions.


Location Warsaw, Poland

Client Nowy Teatr

Year 2009

Status Competition

Program Mixed use


Team Andrea Sollazzo, Pavel Garus, Jerzy Wozniak, Jasper Polak



Liong Lie architects Warsaw Theatre programmatic scheme Liong Lie architects Warsaw Theatre vertical foyer Liong Lie architects Warsaw Theatre